Article/Article Submission Rules

January 15, 2021


1- Articles or articles submitted to our journal must not be in the evaluation stage or have not been published before for publication in another publication.

2- Articles submitted to our journal may be published if deemed appropriate by the editorial board, provided that they are submitted in the form of papers at a congress, symposium and meeting before, indicating the date and place. All responsibility in this regard belongs to the authors.

3- The articles submitted to our journal are primarily reviewed by the editorial office in the context of the Principles of Journal Writing and Publication. The process of refereeing articles that are not by the Principles of Writing and Publication is not started. If there are parts that need to be corrected by the author, the article is returned to the author, and the edit is requested.

4- Articles/articles approved for compliance by the Board of Editors are sent to two referees via the system. If deemed necessary, the study will be sent to more than two referees. The final decision on the study to be published is made by taking into account the opinion of the majority of the referees. The recommendations of the referees are strictly followed by the editor.

5- Our journal has the right to make corrections to the submitted articles, to publish the articles or not to publish them. The names of the author(s) and the referees are kept mutually confidential in the studies submitted for evaluation.

6- The author(s) may object to the negative evaluations of the referees provided that they show evidence. This objection is examined by the editorial board and, if deemed necessary, a different opinion of the arbitrator is applied.

7- Reviewer may want to see the version of the article they want to be corrected before publication. In this case, the article saved in the system automatically falls on the referee's page and is reviewed by the referee from there.

8- If reports are not received from the referees assigned to the article /article review by our journal within the specified time, a new referee is assigned to the article by the editorial office.

9- Articles/articles that have been decided to be published are added to the publication process in electronic form and the author(s) are informed.

Authoring Rules and Citation Format

Ocak 15, 2021


The article should start with an “Introduction” section where the approaches in the literature related to the purpose, scope and research, and the method of this study are discussed. At the end of the article, there should be sections "Discussion and Conclusion", and "Recommendations", if any, in which the findings obtained are evaluated.

All main text paragraphs, including notes and References 12 points "Times New Roman" character and single-spaced Page Right-2 cm, 4 cm left, top, and bottom margins "2.5 cm" and should be sent without a page number.

Turkish English title should be written as 18-point, Times New Roman and bold, alignment left, first letter uppercase, up to 15 words, followed by Times New Roman 14-point and bold, alignment centered, alignment left, alignment of the English title of the article 18-point, Times New Roman and bold, alignment left, first letter uppercase, up to 15 words, author names. There should be an abstract in English just below the author's name. Abstracts should be prepared in Times New Roman, 10 points, aligned on both sides. Keywords consisting of at least 3 and at most 5 words should be given at the bottom of the summary.

Material Development, Innovative Approaches in Education

The Article/Article should not exceed 25 pages, including notes, tables, figures, graphs and references. Figures, photographs, graphics and drawings should be given a sequence number, and as long as it is included in the text, this sequence should be specified and its title should be written on it, and if it has been posted, its source should be written in the subtitle.

Table and figure names should be based on the Times New Roman, 10-point and bold, left. Table and figure articles should be written in Times New Roman, 10-point and regular font, spacing should be written one by one. Horizontal lines should be used in table notation.

Article The APA 6.0 System should be used, which is one of the methods of showing resources that are common in the social sciences. The accuracy of the sources is the responsibility of the authors. Notes and references should be separated. If any, the notes should be numbered in the text and placed in order of number at the bottom of the page.

According to the rules of grammar (spelling, punctuation, clarity, intelligibility, etc.) in the studies submitted to our journal.) there is an obligation to comply. Therefore, the author is fully responsible for any problems and criticisms that may occur.

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